Our Story

"Past is a place of reference and vintage, a point of inspiration. New world requires a new language. For vintage to remain relevant, it must be redefined and rearranged with modern voices and choices.”

- Archana Kumari Singh
Founder, HOB

House of Badnore is an eponymous label that carries hints of nostalgia, indulgence and elegance of yesteryears. HOB products are the perfect accoutrements that compliment and complete every home and attire, the inspiration for which is culled from the past and interpreted for a global platform.

The design led brand, House of Badnore, as the torch bearer of an elegant heritage, brings forth a plethora of accessories for men, women and home, mostly inspired from the past but re-interpreted in the language of contemporary luxury. The romance of the vintage is re-invented here with present day narratives, to define a past-forward ideology. Elements or motifs from the bygone days of the Raj are the muse for the modern day princes, princesses and their homes. And elegance is the leitmotif of all creations that are specially designed at the ateliers of HOB.


Badnore, an erstwhile principality of Mewar in Rajasthan is gently cradled amidst the Aravalli ranges, cocooned in a time wrap. Seen now, it is quiet and untouched by the sweeps of modern vagaries but the past is palpable in the lay of the land. Badnore, left its very own footprints in the pages of history to be revisited with pride, since the time when battles were a way of life and meant for accomplishing honour; since when excellence was the hallmark of every endeavour and since when “Do or die” was the only sustenance to keep the fire of the swords and spirits.

Time and generations have been touched by many vicissitudes but excellence and elegance of attitude have remained constant, filtering down generously. And carrying forward the baton unique to the times has been imperative for each generation. House of Badnore is a humble attempt to keep the very same ethos of the family legacy alive, albeit with a changed approach in a changed world of changed choices.

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