About us – House of Badnore

The brand name derives its roots from the erstwhile principality of Badnore, in Rajasthan; the land famed for Rajputana valour. Badnore marked its spot in history when the sons of the soil, Jaimal and Patta scripted a tale of unmatched heroism. As the steel of swords resounded, so did the melodious lyrics of Mira Bai – Jaimal’s sister – and the paradox fanned the imagination of poets and artists galore.  So flourished a culture of refinement that filtered down to generations, reiterating the immortality of elegance that echoes in the attitude of the House of Badnore!

About Us

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered”

House of Badnore as a brand embodies the ethos of subtle elegance that resonates with an old world charm of style and finesse. It is a trademark of unmatched design solutions for personal styling, accessories, jewellery, home, interiors, trousseau, gifting and cuisine for momentous occasions to create classic grace with unparalleled panache and recreate nostalgia with vintage stylishness. House of Badnore attempts to redefine luxury with `maximalism’ to bring back the understated flamboyance of yesteryears, with a sophistication that serenades the senses.

Cut to modern times and decadence acquires new hues. Needless to say, House of Badnore keeps pace with the changing moods and recreates a joi de vivre for the subtle sophisticate. Akin to the Princess-wears-Prada stylisation where classic and contemporary unite in a refreshingly International appeal. Elegance, of course  is ever the leitmotif of the collection.